Do u like fast-food culture?

April 2, 2007 10:41am CST
Today widley the culture of fast food is necessity while our time savings. The food in the pockets ready in the hot water also. Is it healthy culture do u think?
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• United States
2 Apr 07
It's all about moderation... There is a saying that I always hold true... "too much of anything can be bad for you" when it comes to food. That being said, I think that most fast-food places have some choices that you shouldn't eat very often because of their negative effect on your health, but we do... it's a fact of life that we need to save ourselves some time and it only makes sense to get to a drive-thru and pick up lunch when you are in a rush... it's also good to eat full, healthy meals when possible. don't hesitate to go healthy at these places. Remember, anything can be bad if you look at it from the wrong angle. Fast food is meant to be convenient and is not bad in small moderation, just don't overdo it.
• India
2 Apr 07
Thanks, whenever possible to take healthy meals, never hesitate to go these fast food shops. In ur view something I knew positive. thanks again
@gberlin (3836)
2 Apr 07
Processed food loses nutrition. The best is fresh fruit and vegetables. But most of us have succumbed to the demands on our time and chosen processed food over fresh food.