when should one take an initiative to be entrepreneur?

April 2, 2007 11:35am CST
some ppl r realy so confused abt their lives....i mean they r nt at all satisfied with their prsnt jobs or the field which they had got into...sumtimes they feel that hw gr8 it wud hav beeen if they had their own business runnin...so all those who r willin to b entrepreneur but just dnt know the right time to start........can join this discussion...and can hav their confusion sorted out.....
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@nengs10 (3188)
• Philippines
3 Apr 07
Well, in our world now where money is as important to ones life, it's much needed to be business-minded. To be an entrepreneur is a choice. It is something everyone should need these days to survive more in our globalized world. Competition is everywhere. Everyone is really striving hard to live as comfortable as it is. In my case, I have a full time job as a tutor. At the same time, I and my friends decided to put up a business of our own. Currently, we are running an internet shop with a small snack cafe beside it. And in the coming months, we are planning to set up a mini-gym for the people in our community. It's very cheap but our service is no-doubt very competitive too. Quality service and goods are the main secrets to sustain a business venture. Love your work. Love your customers. And reap the raptures after.