Who has personal like clean house stories?

United States
April 2, 2007 11:56am CST
I loooove Clean House. I love interior design and organization. I started a home base bussines when I was in Houston, Tx helping people to get organize, decorate and with their garage sale. The worst case I had was one couple that just got a divorce and they both had been living out of the house for about 4 months. The attic and the tool shed were infested with rats; after waking uo from passing out I had to call a professional exterminator. When i finally saw the four rooms that the lady told me would take me 2 weeks to clean the longest, I realized that there was no way it could be done in less than 3. This couple had everything: antiques, pop culture collectables, art, clothing, everything you can buy because they are both shopaholics. I even had to sell some things on e-bay because I new the garage sell crowd was not goin to pay even 1/8 of the original price. I worked on this project for 2 months (including the e-bay auction) at the end my client was so happy with theresults, she even looked like a different person. Now tell us, Have you ever done something like that for a friend, family memeber or even in your own house?
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