Moving to England. Any advise?

United States
April 2, 2007 12:55pm CST
My husband, two kids and I are moving to England for 10 months from the US for his work. I'm frantically trying to pack everything and was wondering if anyone here at my lot has done this before? Or if anyone has any advice for someone about to spend 10 months in a foreign country? We'll be keeping our house here and moving back after the 10 months are up.
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@avonrep1 (1862)
• United States
26 Apr 07
Stock up on items that you won't be able to get in England, like a few bottles of Benadryl. Anything person items that you know you can't live with out. Me it would be my shampoo, conditioner, and Deorant. I am very picky over them things and would be upset if I didn't have them. Good luck over there, and enjoy being in a different culture. Take advantange to see anything you ever wanted to see while you are there.
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30 Apr 07
I did some of that. Fortunately when I got here the Boots right next door carries the Dove shampoo and conditioner I've been using. Oh, and Cadbury Eggs still. I think by next year I will definitely be sick of Cadbury Eggs. Benedryl is a good point. I was over in January and broke out in hives. The component ingredient in Benedryl is used in a sleep aid here, but it took me a few days of being horribly uncomfortable to figure that out. It is really interesting being in a different country and learning a new culture. They are very different than Americans. I'm enjoying myself.
2 Apr 07
Hi there from a Brit! Where in England will you be living? There's quite a difference in what you'll experience across England, even though it's a small country. One thing you might notice is that our houses and cars rarely have air conditioning - typically because in the past we've never needed it. But in recent years our summers have got a little warner. Also, gasoline here is more expensive, and at the moment the dollar / pound arte is such that you might find that your dollar doesn't get you as much as you think it should. Dress and shoe sizes are different to what you're used to, and things like skin care products and make up are different to what you will encounter in the US. Our mains electricity is 240V, 50Hz. This may mean that it will be easier for you to buy things like computers and TV sets when you get over here, rather than ship them over. Does your company have a department that helps people 'fit in' to their foreign placements? Might be worth checking it out. Anyway - welcome to my country, in advance! :-)
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2 Apr 07
Sheffield area. I was aware of the lack of air conditioning. We are working with a relocation specialist, but even then the company doesn't tell you everything. We went over for a trip in January and I broke out in the worst hives (allergic reaction). It took me forever to find something that was similar to our benedryl to make it go away. We have gotten adapters for most things, but will get a TV over there. Frankly, I'm scared of the products over there. I tend to be a name brand person, so I have no idea what will be good and what won't. Thank you for your comment.