I love family stories whether true or folklore, here's one of mine.

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April 2, 2007 1:21pm CST
To entertain us when we were kids, my mom would tell us stories about when she was growing up. Here is one. During the WWII and the depression my mom's family of extended aunts, uncle and cousins, would save their gas rations and all go fishing on the weekends. One of my great aunts was a rather large lady but, she thought the only way to fish was to wade out into the water a ways so she could cast her line into deeper water. Every now and again she would call a couple of her neices or nephews over to her side. Then she would put a hand on each chiilds shoulder and use them to heave herself out of the mud. She was so heavy that she would slowly sink down until she got stuck. It was easier for the kids to pull themselves out of the mud than it was for her to get herself out. Another time a bunch of the family went fishing and had fried up a gallon or so of fish. When it started to rain suddenly, everyone ran to get inside the vehicles to wait out the deluge. One of my great uncles scooped up the bucket of fried fish and ran inside a huge old hollowed out tree. When the rain let up he came out kinda sheepishly. He had eaten up all the fish all by himself! Said they smelled too good to leave alone. So everyone went fishing again! Do you have any stories like this? Would love to hear them.
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8 Sep 07
family stories are great and amusing, and it keeps bonding with family members too I love to here the exploits of my grandparents during the occupation of Japan here in the Philippines and how they have survived world war 2 they tell their stories with vigor and enthusiasm and letting my imagination go and loosening it, I would imagine what life could have been back then