Why would you want to go heaven?

April 2, 2007 1:21pm CST
we all have idea of a true heaven, the God's own country from our religious books.And since we have faith in these books we believe of a heaven and the freedom we are going to face there.God has given the term heaven to make people understand about the value of there life on Earth and as an answer for there creation in Earth.Its a great gift God rewards for the selected one's.But are we all prepared enough to go there? God has given many hurdles to pass for claiming a heaven and a person who passes all these hurdles in this present world situations will be doing a tough job.We are been tested hardly.He even says that we would not remember our parents even there and at the time of the judgement day we will defending cursing our parents for saving ourselves from the hell.We will try to impart all our sins in our parents telling that "they have not teached all these to us and so we are like this". Yes this happens.why you likes to go heaven even cursing your own parents.I don't know whether I am an able person to start this kind of discussion.But I think we should find a little time to discuss spiritual matters also.
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