internet phone service $199 a year!!!!

United States
April 2, 2007 1:33pm CST
Interested in unlimited calling with in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico...Free International calls - up to 100 free minutes a month...voice mail, call waiting, caller id, 3-way calling...keep your existing number!!!! For more information go to: and click on the man with the phone!!!
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@darkness01 (1304)
2 Apr 07
What you are talking about is being able to make phone calls over the internet, also known as VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). What i dont understand is why you suggest that paying $199 a year for unlimited calls to USA, Canada and Puerto Rico only is a good deal. Have you not heard of Skype? You can make internet calls to anyone anywhere in the world who uses skype and all at no cost. Thats the best option for calling over the internet and im sure there are other options as well as Skype and im sure they dont cost anything and if they do its a lot less than $199
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3 Apr 07
Hi Darkness, I'm so glad that Miss Jones mentioned the Sunrocket Communications service. Here's the comparison information and how this service compares to all others: SunRocket - annual service fee - $199, activation & shipping -$0, Taxes, $0, Total annual fee - $199 Verizon Freedom - Annual Service Fee - $479.40, activiation and shipping - $29.95, Taxes - $193.61, Total annual cost - $702.96 Vonage - ASF - $299.88 ($24.99 per month), activation & shipping - $39.94, Taxes - $32.76, Total annual Cost - $372.58 Total savings compared to Verizon - 71% Total savings compared to Vonage - $46% Well Skype - LIMITED - You key words (free among those who use Skype) I can actually see why Miss Jones said this is absolutely the best because the services that we have the priviledge to receive is geographical. When you think of free with Skype, I think of limited. also, getting what I pay for. I live in Arkansas, in Southeast Arkansas, if I don't have the priviledge, in which I don't, to obtain Skype, then, it's not the best service for me. However, with SunRocket, geographically speaking, I can call everyone, every where, whether you are a Skype customer or not. And, it won't cost me a thing. Also, compared to the services that we receive with traditional phone companies, SunRocket, is still the best option. We pay an average of $100 a month for phone service. You do the math. $199 one time, every 12 months, and only a $20 or $9 a month Internet service, just saved us a bundle. So don't shoot the messenger. I can see the light. SunRocket may not be the best option for you, but for some, it's like Tony the Tiger says, "It's GREEEEEEEEEEAAAAT!" Thank you Miss Jones for introducing us to the light.
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3 Apr 07
From what I have read making free calls through skype is limited to only skype subscribers who call other skype subscribers...uh...are those the only people you call? No one I know has skype!! If you download Skype now you can get FIVE FREE MINUTES to call any of the 30 top destinations in the US...we have one fee $199 and it doesn't change no matter who you call in the USA. Oh yeah if you sign up now you will receive a free GE 5.8 GHZ digital phone system valued at $40. Also please note that our calls are not limited to only USA, Canada and Puerto Rico you can call Internationally as well and with our system you can keep your current phone number and get rid of your phone company so that means no monthly phone much would that save you a year...more than $500 I'm pretty sure. Wow a free phone and over $500 in savings!!! If Skype is good for you than so be it but it may not benefit others like it does you. God bless