Does any one have MRSA

United States
April 2, 2007 3:08pm CST
I have MRSA (Methicillin-reistant Staphlococcus auraus). I have had this problem for over 6 months and I think that I will have to live with it for the rest of my life. I was in the hospital twice for this condition. It is very itchy on my legs and for a while I thought that I might loose one of my legs to this disease. How mamy other people have it and how are you faring with it?
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@urwaseem (37)
• India
3 Apr 07
Havent ubrrntrated with vancomycin. well MRSA strains grow bcaz of unjudicioususe of antibiotics. May Almighty bless u and u recover quikly
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@kathy77 (7488)
• Australia
3 Apr 07
Oh dear that is not good at all I have heard of other people having this but fortunately not myself or any of my family members. Yes I heard that does get very itchy, isn't there anything that the hospital can do to take this away from you or is it caused from something that you eat as the people I heard that had this I have never actually asked them this.
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• United States
7 Oct 07
One of my family members has been diagnosed with mrsa. And has been through the hospital experience and the surgical procedure for the pus like boils that develop. He has been dealing wit mrsa for about 6 months now as well and has even developed it in his nose and in his sinuses. My advice to you is to contact an infectious disease doctor if you have not already. There are cremes and bath scrubs that should be used on a regular basis to help. Also you need to be very careful of cuts because a cut can develop very quickly into an abcess like boil.they say to be careful with ingrown hairs as well when you have this condition. You should be using disposible razors and throwing them away after one use and should be replacing your tooth brush regularly. And make sure you are constantly washing your hands, especially if you mistakenly touch an infected area. It seems like this is not a well known condition yet but is growing quickly. I went through many doctors to find out what precautions needed to be taken when living with someone with mrsa and aslo precautions that a person with mrsa should take to help prevent it from spreading. if you end up in the hospital again request that a infectious disease doctor come and see you. every hospital has a infectious disease doctor and they cannot deny you from seeing them. In the meantime you should defiently be looking for an infectious disease doctor and make an appointment asap because i guarantee their will be quite a wait for you to get in to see one of these doctors as i have been told that mrsa is spreading rapidly throughout the population. my family member had to wait well over a month to get into one of these doctors. I do hope that someone is able to get your mrsa under control soon, and do hope that i have been some help to you