Do you buy an item because it is on sale?

United States
April 2, 2007 3:42pm CST
I have known a lot of people who love to shop. They will even buy stuff that they don't need just because thay are on sale. I think this is a total waste of money. Also, the items on sale are not always in good shape or good quality. Sometimes they are even out of season. What would you do?
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@musu112 (528)
• United States
2 Apr 07
According to me, to shop in a sale is no more hazardous until, its worthy for you. I generally do shop from sales items, but I only look for those for which I am really in need. I agree with you that wasting money on sales items just like shopping from sale and that is of no use to it, is a really waste of time, money and resources too..........So Sale is also for hlping sometimes us in our crisis LOL..... Cheers!!!!!
@maddysmommy (16236)
• United States
2 Apr 07
If I need a specific item then I go bargain hunting and find it on sale. I rarely buy items on retail price as I think some of the prices are ridiculous anyways. If you wait long enough, sometimes during holiday weekends, off season sales, you would be sure to get some good quality clothing at a lower price. If you buy at thrift or second hand stores, then you need to be extra careful as the quality of clothing your buying is second hand and not in very good condition.
@salam1 (1475)
• Malaysia
2 Apr 07
I buy things when I need them. If I need the thing I will buy it even though it is expensive. Also, I dont go to a shop that far from my place even though its cheaper because I think travelling cost (gasoline and time) is part of the price too. But, after my first children arrived its seems that I tend to buy thing when there is a 'sales'. I meant things for my children, just I love to see my children wear nice shirts, have nice toys etc..
@evelynlyp (788)
• Japan
2 Apr 07
I love coats, I buy them off season. It depends on the item you buy. I buy clothes that are on sale that doesn't go out of season eg. collared shirts, formal winter coats.
2 Apr 07
Although I like to think I have a real eye for a bargain there are limits. I do tend to look out for bargains on sale, but I think you have to be chosy and not waste money on rubbish.
@sanglant (37)
• Canada
2 Apr 07
Well, it takes extra effort to get a good sale item, but it worths it I think. I have always bought sale items myself but I don't really buy things that I don't or never need, so it also depends on whether you need will need it or not.