how to have a happy one?

April 2, 2007 6:32pm CST
i had bfs yeah, of course and only 1 of them lasted for a year, we're very happy with each other really, but things suddenly went wrong. i started hating him or something, well, not totally hate just a bit mad or something coz of his attitude. he tends to act so wise but yet for me he's just pretending. i dont know. i guess, i only think things are good between us that time. the thing is, my friends dont like him and also the family. it started with this, we're classmates, and then, he's my friends' friend of course, we're all having fun hanging out together, me and my friends and him. we were still friends then. and then, suddenly he told me about how he really feels towards me. and i feel the same way also and so, yeah i agreed to be his girl. i like him so much. but then things suddenly changed. my friends, my bestfriends, did not talk to me for like a week. they were mad at us or something. coz they dont want us to be boyfriends and girlfriends. they think that its better for us to be just friends. why? coz u know, its the genius and the dumb relationship they think. bad eh? i believe that no one's dumb or stupid. and they just dont want us to be together. coz they think we're totally opposite. i will tell you more next time.
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• Malaysia
27 Apr 07
Well find someone, the only way is till the way that you found ur true love. To understand each other it's the hardest thing, and you guys must give and take. No one is perfect in d world even urself. If you want ur life happier thats no desire and complaint much.
@pelo26 (1553)
• Philippines
15 Apr 07
Being in a relationship is a totally different lifestyle and could directly mean less time with your friends. That's why they're the first to disagree with you and go away. You really have to choose between the person you love and your friends. You can't have them both perfectly and be happy all the time. One has to give.