Before He Cheats Video clip and Song

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April 2, 2007 10:22pm CST
well i have just recently heard of Carrie Underwood the first song i listened to of hers was Before He Cheats i listened to this on U-tube and some people were very upset that she could sing a song like this and that she could make a video clip of it happening i think it is a great song and the film clip is tops i do understand that trshing a persons car is illegal but i do understand the point of view of the song too it's about a guy who cheats and the girl just wants revenge on him and she does this by trashing the guys car saying he needs to think before he acts next time i wanna hear what the rest of you think about this song and it's film clip
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7 Apr 07
I haven't seen the video yet, but I do like the song a lot.. I see nothing wrong with it.. I know if a guy cheated on me, that's what I'd feel like doing.. But since we can't go around beating the tar out of someone's vehicle, we at least have this son which isn't like all the others out there..