Did you ever have a friendship and then they broke up with you

United States
April 2, 2007 10:37pm CST
I was friends with this guy from work we mostly talked just at work and he was nice but I didn't think of him as a boyfriend nor did we ever talk about anything personal. Well the other day I got an email from him basically breaking up with me...It was just funny..I was talking to my girlfriend from work about it and she just laughed because almost all of our conversations that I had with him she was involved in because it was about work. Turns out somebody was kidding around with him and told him that I liked him and he became scared because he had met my husband and they told him that my husband was very jealous man. This poor guy..I feel so bad now that I know the whole story. The thing is I don't really know how to fix it. I might just leave well enough alone.
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@mivarg (277)
• India
20 May 07
That sounds like a funny story. Someone seems to have played a harsh practical joke on this guy. It depends on ur intimacy and concern for this guy whether you shoudl do anything now or not. It is better to leave it at that, if you think this guy missed a chance to talk it out directly with you. Regards.
• China
3 Apr 07
I'm quite agree with the second floor "innechen". I suggest u to explain to him clear. may be everything will over just like a joy. and u needn't avoid him anymore. good luck.
• Philippines
3 Apr 07
I also encounteres friends who happens to have feelings for me sfter some time. But the good thing about it is we still became friends after that. We are good friends before. We talk, hang out together and have fun. Until one day, he become so different and unusual. And then, I ask if there is something wrong. But he didn't answer. It is later that I found out that he has feelings for me. I knew it from my other friends. I talk to him and asked about it and he admit it. I rejected him and sugest that we should be better as friends. Good thing he accepted it. I only have feelings for him as a brother and a friend but not as something other than that. The good thing about our relationship is that it is of pure friendship at the beginning. The foundation is strong enough not to be broken by any other things. You just need to be transparent with your friends and all the people around you. Never show multiple meaning acts that will mislead them. Just be honest enough to them. Always set your parameters and limits. Just be patient with those people who always misinterpret what you say or do. There are really lots of assuming people out there. So, we better be sensitive enough to issues concerning emotions and relationships. You'll never know, an act of friendship for you will mean intimacy to others. Those are people who has less knowledge of determining such differences.
@innechen (1321)
• Indonesia
3 Apr 07
thats is a strange funny story for me, becoz this is the 1st time i hear about this.but i think it would be better if you reply to his email and explain to him the real story.tell him that you and him are only friend and nothing more and you loves ur husband so much that you would never cheat on your husband.maybe then he'll understand and stop worried
@sshazie (253)
• Singapore
3 Apr 07
haha i too had samilar experience. i really didnt know wat much to say to that guy. but he tot that i was attached and liked him at the same time. it made me look bad. i sms him to tell him that i was not attached and i'm only taking him like a friend and nothing more. i guess that made things easier for us eventually to hang out together again. I guess sometimes u just have to try to clear things up. It would not be nice when u will bump into one another later and feel an air of discomfort.