Does a parental problem quench love?

April 2, 2007 10:44pm CST
Good day to you all. Does a parental problem quench love? I have been dating a Chinese girl since last year. After the 1st month we met each other, she went to her home town for holiday and to attend her aunt wedding ceremony. She called me from her hometown and asked me when we are going to marry. Few days after I called her but her father picked the phone and told me she wasn’t around. She later told me that her parents are not happy about our relationship because I am a black man but she said she won’t give up. Few days later when she came back here, I told her that now we haven’t gone so far, if she thinks thing are not going to be well between us we can stop the relationship but she said she will marry me. Whenever I told this girl that I will not marry her she will be crying and this made us to go deeper. Now she went home for the spring holiday but she is facing pressure from her parent. She started sending sms messages saying that her relatives don’t like me that we needn’t contact each other anymore because she can’t endure the pressure from them. I called her she didn’t pick the phone. She sent another sms, that she has love another man that she was very sorry. All was just like dream to me and I keep on calling her but she don’t want to talk to me anymore. Later she said her former boyfriend has contact her and she wants to marry him and she don’t love me before. I went to her hometown to try maybe I can see her and to let her know how much I love her. When I got there I called her but she rejected it. Then later I sent sms to her that I am in her home and she off her phone. I continue trying but all failed, later in the night I sent the hotel number to her and she called me for few minutes. Next morning I sent sms to her, saying that I can see how wicked you are now and there is no true love anymore. I went to the airport to get back to my base and she called me but I also rejected her calls. She sent sms that she cheated me because she wants me to hate her so that I can start a new life with another girl that she still love me. When I got back to home, she called me midnight and she was crying on the phone but I told her not to deceive me anymore. If she really loves me she can win the heart of her parents. She said I don’t know Chinese people that she has no choice and she will marry another man but she will keep me in her mind. She said her parents are not open person that understand what is going on in today’s world, but I think there is no more love from her statement. Please, what are your opinions about this issue?
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