Attaining completeness through meditation

@dprabin (130)
April 3, 2007 12:46am CST
Meditation is the practice of being complete. It has been a sacred science in almost every religion in the world. It was originally developed in the east. It is the Journey to the self. All the secrets of the universe is at finger tips, if we are able to do that. To become able for that, we need to be complete. And meditation makes us complete.
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@Impervious (1154)
• United States
4 Apr 07
While meditation is a great tool it is NOT what makes us complete. It offers us the ability to deal with the world perhaps in better or more intelligent manner but or completeness comes from actions and what we put into this world.
@dprabin (130)
• Nepal
8 Apr 07
The meaning of meditation that you understand is incomplete. Yes it offers the ability to deal with the world in better and more intelligent way. if you say meditation offers only that then then you know "atom in the universe of meditation". Guru Rara of Thap religion stated that the only thing, that makes us complete is meditaion. you should check that out.
@Tetchie (2933)
• Australia
28 May 07
You know in all fairness to the modern world it takes a darn lot of meditation to make someone complete. In essence your statement is a very ideal one to 99% of the worlds population. Before reaching states where you can feel complete is to get to states of Self, capital S, Atman. And before getting to that state there are often many hurdles to jump over, obstacles to overcome. That is why many people who take meditation seriously and want it's ultimate gifts, get a Spiritual Teacher, a reputable Master who will assist and guide them. In this modern world there are many ways to reach states of enlightenment. And it doesn't benefit the world if the majority of people were to sit cross legged in caves. I have experienced Self (Atman), it was fleeting and takes allot of practice to reach that state at will. Yet this state doesn't guarantee completeness. If you cannot hold it in the world then it's very nice to have had it, but then what!! The ultimate would be enlightenment with the sense of awakening that would benefit the world.