Can Artificial Intelengence Change All Human Task?

April 3, 2007 12:46am CST
I always imagine that sometime computer doing all human task even it doing these better. Can artificial intelegence doing all that human can?
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6 Apr 07
Arificial Intelligence is a 'catch all' phrase that's applied to a number of different techniques for some how mimicing the capabilities of the human brain. AI can be very good at pattern recognition, spotting similarities in data sets, making decisions based on being shown previous examples and soem types of prediction. What AI systems are not good at is being creative or intuitive. In my opinion I think it unlikely that AI will ever be able to do all that a human mind can, but I expect that it won't be too many years before most of us have an AI 'Personal Assistant' who will help us with the mundane parts of our day to day lives.
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3 Apr 07
Artificial Intelligences itself explains about its artificial nature. It exists when human intelligence create it. So AI can do all that human desire and makes it to do.