Do you wear your watch on the LEFT or RIGHT?

April 3, 2007 3:01am CST
Do you wear your watch on the left or right? - A picture of a cute dog wearing a watch.
Left right left right left right left. Nope, we are not marching here. But I trust you know your left from your right. Well, your left is... on your left side, and your right is... on your right side. Goodness, how does one even begin to explain what is left and what is right? :P So do you wear your watch on your left hand or your right? I have observed that right-handers typically wear their watches on their left hands while left-handers typically wear theirs on their right. There is some rationale in this since the watch might possibly get in your way when you are writing. I am proud to be different in that I am a right-hander and I wear my watch on the right. After so many years, it would indeed feel strange if I switch hand. So is it the left or the right for you? To analyze the situation properly, you will need to share whether you are a left-hander or right-hander too. Or do you prefer not to wear a watch at all?