My freind & her Husband having Ego clashes.

@rb200406 (1825)
April 3, 2007 3:52am CST
I have a freind who is more educated than her husband.Also she is more mature ,understanding & compassionate than her husband.She is more intellegent & very understaning.Therefore she always used to make understand her husband if he did something wrong.Initially he used like her sensibilities but now he is blaming her.Ego clashes have started to come & i think the husband is having inferiority complex.Why can't men appreciate good things in women?
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@nkkyluv (83)
• Nigeria
3 Apr 07
It is often very difficult to put up with anyone that has complex problems, sometimes being more educated than the man makes the man feel the woman is being bossy & sometimes ignores almost all the woman's opinions on issues. If ur friend already knows he's having a complex problem, this will go a long way in solving the problem, let her be more patient & understanding, let her also make him understand that he's the man in the marriage & she loves him the way he is whether she's more educated or not.
@minty3 (592)
• Nigeria
3 Apr 07
Its not unusual as most men would behave the same way. The woman still needs to be patient, intelligient and understanding else their relationship might be heading for destruction. Secondly, she needs to encourage her husband to always air his views on issues, open up discussions with him and encourage him to rise higher academically and otherwise. Thanks.