Do you know how to make TOMATO candy?

April 3, 2007 3:55am CST
I've heard that we can make candie out of tomatoes. Do you know how? Does the process remove its nutients and vitamins? If you know, please share with us.
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@nancygibson (3738)
• France
3 Apr 07
Hmm, I've made tomato based fruit leathers if thats what you had in mund. You just blend the tomatoes with any spices you like, spread the paste out in a dehydrator on a gauze sheet and dry it til it looks like jerky. The flavour becomes quite sweet, very concentrated and very satisfying. Whether it counts as candy I don't know because usually candy involves preserving with sugar and these have no sugar in them.
• Philippines
3 Apr 07
I think thats great! :) thanks for sharing that with us. In my mind, i am thinking of a tomato candy similar from pitted prunes. But that one of yours is a great idea. Swear I would try it at home.
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@amjada (379)
3 Apr 07
Tomato candy? i've heard it too, i think you get the tomato,s ond honey and shredded coconut and eat,
• Philippines
4 Apr 07
Sounds great and quite a unique idea too. I wonder how will it taste if I add coconut with tomatoes (LOL)
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@AmbiePam (49550)
• United States
8 Apr 07
I have never heard of tomato candy, but it sounds intriguing. I wish I could make it at home, but maybe I'll stumble across someone who makes it online and sells it.