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@LiminaL (164)
April 3, 2007 4:07am CST
Hallo, what are your opinions and experiences about learning completely new things in the course of your life? Is it ever too late to start doing something also with serious intentions? Is it wise and convenient to be selective and to specialize in a certain number of activities in order to succeed, or is it ok for you trying what you feel like trying, no matter when you start.. I'm 24 now, and in the last month I realized about a number of things I feel like doing and spending time to lern. they are different from the ones I've been into untill now, but the pressure inside is big. For example, what about learning music? I have some experience in this field form the childhood, but I know it would take a lot of learning in order to get to some point. A part from this there are at least 3 more of this kind of activities that I would like to add to the ones I'm already into. I start to think that I've been growing with the fear of doing too many things because I wonted to do well the ones I was into..But now I see more possibilities in front of me, and I don't feel like blocking myself anymore.
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@greenline (14864)
• Canada
31 May 08
Your thinking is perfect. Nothing is too late to learn new things in life. What is important is to see which and what would benefit you, your present and your long term future. Time wasted is impossible to recover. Best of luck to you ! Wish you success.