PARENTING and Handling Classic Bullies with children

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April 3, 2007 6:41am CST
I have 3 sons;ages 11, 15 & 17. My 11 yr old is very sensitive, easily intimidated and dramatic at the same time. This has been his first year in middle (junior high) school. However, it has been a constant nightmare. He has been getting bullied almost every single day. Since he shows facial expressions, kids have found his weakness, so he is an easy target. My biggest problem ismy neighbors kids, a brother (12yr old) and sister (14 yr old) that have been so hateful towards him that it has put my two older boys run ins with those two kids. My husband and I have constantly tried to discuss and resolve the conflictrs with these two kids and their mother, without resolution at all. The mother refuses to listen, communicate and everytime we try discussing an issue she brings up an incident that happened two years ago where someone threw a single egg inside her car. She has since accused my older son and his friend. ( my son was at the movies that night). She screams and shouts in such an angry tone, that it is almost scarry. I am not used to this type of behavior from an adult. Last night my husband asked them again to put an end to the picking/abuse they are doing to my 11 yr old and it turned out into a shouting match with the mother. My husband ended the argument by telling the mother that if the abuse and bullying didnt stop he would take the issue with proper authority to which she replied from (the mother, mind you)... "boo hooo scared". So, as you can see, it runs in the family... and will never end. I've already discussed this with school officials as well. PLEASE provide your ideas on how to handle this. Both of us work. I cannot afford to stay home and be here for him. Most abuse happens behind our back; before or after school, while nobody else is home. I fear physical retaliation, since they've already pushed and shoved him a few tmes. If you pray, please pray for Brandon. If you have advice, please provide so. Thank you all kindly.
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@lvhughes (545)
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3 Apr 07
if it comes down to it the next time they fisically touches you child file charges against them. maybe they the mother will lisson. i my child was being threated by 2 girls at school. they even sent threating notes. i turned it into the school they said theyd look into it but never did. i had to turn the letters into the local sherriff to get anything done. any they just put it on file so if they ever fisically hurt her theyll have it. but when they reallized i was not playing the left her along. thank God. i wish you luck in resolving the problem peacefully. God bless all of you family