A crazy thought or best-seller idea?

@mzx5188 (520)
April 3, 2007 9:00am CST
***A crazy thought*** Sometimes a thought comes out from nowhere, and even though you would not believe it yourself, it just keeps popping up and coming back to you, haunting your head and your mind. The thought that I am to share below hit me when someone in the forum raised the question about whether I had ever been away or whether I was actually a hidden ally of Genius. Although I know I do not see myself fit in ICANSAY, I did enjoy some part of it, including Natalie’s zest and mischievousness and Coty’s warm “I do miss non_Genius a lot”statement after she exhausted my supposedly plentiful patience and drove me nuts. I even like Genius’s courage to stand up against these ‘belligerent” girls, although I would never agree to his practice of deleting the others’ posts. There is no need to delete as long as there is no profanity or obscenity. The accused lies and false statements, if they exist, will fall apart by themselves and personal attacks and insults will usually return to where they originate, thus warranting no deletion (see also my other post on the issue). Of course, I always liked my conversations with Coty, especially when she was not trying to make those annoying implications. I examined our conversation over The Odyssey & Odysseus and noticed that we sometimes missed some of the points that the other had already addressed or corrected. Coty almost made me to believe that my mistake in citing Odysseus as Odyssey had its origin in a hypothetical Chinese translation of The Odyssey. Of course, I did not believe it, not even when she was trying to coax me into it by saying “admit it, and nothing is wrong with reading a Chinese translation”, because I simply have never seen one. I would admit it even if it was wrong to read a translation. That was where the whole conversation started to get boring. The original purpose of the post was the poem. How was it possible for me to get distracted? I simply fell into the victim of another logical fallacy: Missing the Point: Straw Man, which is when ‘the author attacks an argument different from (and weaker than) the opposition's best argument’. I understand that Coty probably did not do it on purpose, but unfortunately we all ended up missing the point -- the major point. Now by retrospect, isn’t this so funny and hilarious? The funniest part of it did not come until we got distracted by some bystanders, whose casual little and irrelevant remarks, under that particular thread as well as under other thread(s), finally annoyed me and pissed me off. It was then when I was hit by this crazy thought -- the whole thing might just be a plot and a conspiracy of the Beaver Co., which owns ICANSAY. Coty, Natalie/????, Genius, and a few other figures of lower profile (including myself) are all working for the company; or rather they are all digital personifications of the same individual(s) behind some computer screens in some dark basement rooms. By inciting or faking overheated disputes, it increases its traffic and hence revenues from internet ads. We /You (if I am part of the conspiracy), as visitors, fall in love with our own Mickey, Donald, and etc. of another Disney Land of our own. If some of us were not part of the Beaver in the beginning, we behave just the same now as integral parts of the Beaver, working diligently, and willingly, without being paid. Even this message that I am putting up now is just another part of the whole conspiracy to draw you deeper into this virtual world and serve the purpose of increasing the cash flow at the Beaver headquarter. I know this is crazy, and I do not believe it myself. I am just providing something for people to think about -- if this is not true, can’t you see how much damage you, as a bystander uttering annoying little and irrelevant comments from the sidewalk, could inflict on the fragile trust of the modern human minds? Or you might see in this piece a foundation that I am laying out here for a future best-seller. If so, don’t hesitate to use it, especially if you are looking for ideas to become a self-sustainable writer! Oh yes, it looks like I am enjoying writing this piece, just like our Natalie enjoys running all over the forum to put up small posts for Genius to chase after her and delete them one by one!
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