any idea where does your surname came from??

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April 3, 2007 9:27am CST surname was zalameda i think they just created it i don't now such an explanations for our surname but for me it's unique..all of us have a unique surname..but some had a similar surname..some are common and some are not..i'm keep thinking and asking myself where does it came you know the root where surname came can we know it??if also our ancestors didn't know where does our family name originates??
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@natalie1981 (2000)
• Singapore
3 Apr 07
Oh I love the story of our surname. I don't know if it's true or if my dad is just pulling my leg. He said that my great-great grandfather used to live in Bicol and has a different surname and when he move to our province, he changed it to our surname now. He didn't use the surnames that the Spanish posted during those times so ours is unique. Whenever I come across someone who has the same surname as I have I know for sure that we're related.
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@evelynlyp (788)
• Japan
3 Apr 07
I'm chinese, going by the surname lim. Its very old. We all know it comes from the fujian province in china. My own family has something extra special. The men is given a naming system. Each generation has a special name. There is a list. This list was started by an ancestor who was a high ranking government official during the Ming dynasty. Unfortunately, in my generation there are no males. So that's that then. Some other family branch elsewhere will carry on the tradition.
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• India
3 Apr 07
I don't have any idea from where ur surname came but it is very intresting surname.It is unique too.
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@ronreyes (4724)
• Philippines
8 Apr 07
My grandfather said that Reyes is a Spaniard's surname. He even told me that Emilio Aguinaldo is our relative though I don't know if that's true. But Cavite is the hometown of Aguinaldo and Reyes is such a popular surname in Cavite. Most Reyes came from Cavite. - Ron Reyes