What's the worst-ever diet you have tried?

April 3, 2007 9:46am CST
A lot of people are more than willing to try anything that promises to make them lose weight. This is the reason why countless of fad diets abound. Some diets promote controlled carbohydrates or protein or fats, food combinations, just liquid diets or the use of herbal diet pills. Fad diets are also popular because they claim to be the fastest and easiest way to lose unwanted pounds. And true enough, they help you lose weight at first because of the great difference in caloric intake and the purging or laxative effect often results in dehydration and malnutrition. People who tried fad diets often end up gaining back the weight they lost or even more when they stopped dieting. This is because what was lost most of the time is not body fats but waterand lean muscles due to bursting diarrhea which leads to malnutrition. Are you one of those who took the risk and followed these programs and regretted it afterwards?
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@lightningMD (5932)
• United States
3 Apr 07
the worst diet i tried was the cabbage soup diet..it was awful...i did lose alot of weight on Atkins but i gained it back once i started eating carbs again..i'm now eating a balanced diet and counting calories so far i have lost 15 pounds..
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• Philippines
16 Apr 07
Can you tell us more about your cabbage soup diet experience?