^^^^ Don't you understand That I'm Sick? ^^^^

United States
April 3, 2007 9:52am CST
Couldn't doctors have sick people only days? You know see the routine stuff on Monday and those people with colds and flus on Tuesdays? Never fells that when I am really sick and really need to see him Then I am considered to be a work in, as in I get seen when an already scheduled patient is late or doesn't show up. HEY! Those guys are here for yearly exams, they don't have sore throats, fever, aches and chills. They don't want to crawl into bed never to emerge again!! And then when after a two and a half hour miserable wait, ten minutes with the doc! Ten minutes, I don't care give me my prescriptions so that i may be on my way!!
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• Singapore
3 Apr 07
And I thought it is only Singapore. Someone might ask why there are so many sick people (yes, I know it is no sin to be sick). Others might question why there are so few doctors. I really don't know, man. Patients who are already sick have to wait like slaves for the pleasure of pathetic doctors who only grant them a short short audience. The world is not as should be. If God made the world, he must be crying his eyes out at what the place has become.
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• United States
3 Apr 07
I like the way you put that, "a short audience" reminds me of olden days when the royalty would occassionally let the pesants into their chambers, lol