I was born to serve, that's why they call me Mr. Servants heart

April 3, 2007 10:02am CST
As far as I can remember, I always have a servant heart, I love to serve and service is one of my best assests. I'm a natural leader, I've been creating ideas my past life to help street children in my beloved country the Philippines. I remember during my younger years, every christmas eve, I would distribute packs of goodies in the streets of metro Manila philippines to thousands of street children begging coins to all motorist around the city. My past job allowed me to earn more and give more but my life is not perfect, few years ago, i lost my job, lost a lot of resourses which paralized my life, no extra money for extra services my heart wants to do. But as a strong person willing to continue my life and still want achieve my goals, with some extra cash from my parents, I turned out house into a restuarant serving affordable meals to university students in my parents garden with good ambiance. I'm now giving free snacks to 50 children every week in our day care center in our community. I'd love to give more snacks to other day care centers in the city. Hopefully soon if I'll be bless more with good income in my restuarant. I'd love to ask help from whoever has the heart to share whatever you can share to the street children in the philippines. Maybe I can organize a personal group and people interested around the world can come and experience joy of seeing the smiling faces of the children in our country as we serve, play and eat with them.
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• India
3 Apr 07
i think ur a very nice guy. i have never seen any one speak like this. i hope and pray u achive what u want to. helping others is not bad but do u thing u are un full power to help them. pls take it as a advise please make ur carrier first then u think of helping others as in this way nor u are able to help as many peaple as u hope to do nor ur carrier is going any where i think u should make your carrier first so that u can help as many peaple as u like. pls take it as an advise from a friend. i hope u achive what u want to.