undesirable things that comes in our lives

April 3, 2007 10:51am CST
lately in our lives do you encounter things that you dont even want to happen but keeps on coming in and out of our lives? every all of us has its own dislikes, fears, enemies, rivals etc... and everything turns into problems and problem really make us sick. we are living in this world and we cannot escape on it, its part of our lives but what is important is that if we can deal on them and solve our fears. its in our mind and mind is driving our emotions.if once emotion cannot be handled already it will just cost us troubles especially in our health and to the people surrounding us. i suggest that we should learn from all this problems and be the teacher of our own selves not by escaping on them but by dealing on them. coz learning is not escaping and escaping are just for cowards! deal on them open your heart and be ready to accept mistakes and live life with happenes not comparing your self to other people. be an example if they need your advise go on dont hesitate, you can cheer up ones saddend emotions if you give good advises in good and proper way of conversation then you will see that person ending up in a big smile at the end of your one great advises. and everything goes in a cycle. smile!
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@bongmix (267)
• Philippines
3 Apr 07
undesireable things in lfe are normal, its the way you handle the situation. synergize and be proactive!! proactiveness means that you take reponsibility to what ever things happens to your life . do not blame other people , we should blame ourselves. it like stimuli and response . all things will depend on the response to make so synergize think first before responding. talk to others that was able to pass the same situation. actually synergize and being proactive is included in the 7 habits of highly effective people . hope help!!
@jamie622 (508)
• India
3 Apr 07
I would say it was a bit hard to understand your language but I will go ahead . If somethiing undesirable is coming in our lives aren't we responsible for it ? I think we attract our destiny ? may be you are concnrating too much on thing you do not want and therefore finding them every where .Instead look for thing that you really want in life and I am preetty sure you have a good chance of getting to them . It so happens many a times that we are so obsessed with what we do not want that we forget what we actually want . May its time for a little introspection to find out what you really want in life and go for it . You will get it if you are clear enough on what you actually want !