My Boss is sleeping with a girl young enough to be his daughter....

April 3, 2007 11:13am CST
OK here is the situation, my boss has been sleeping with a local girl that is young enough to be his daughter. I often get phone calls to "pin" the exact time that I am comming to work, so that they will have time to go there and "do it" before or after I have been there. I have also been hearing this same girl (who has a really good job in town here as a N.A.) saying that she is going to be cleaning there at night, etc. etc. at first I didn't give any thought to it, as talk is cheap, then however my boss had called and was talking about a sitdown to discuss the job etc. So maybe there is something to it. So I guess my question to you all is what would you do if it were you put in this situation? Tell his wife, tell her fiancee, or just quit and let them sort it all out?
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12 Apr 07
If you want to lose your job, go ahead and tell the wife, but if you want to keep peace I would keep quiet, it is truly not your concern really, we all have personal lives and sometimes they spill over in the professional side, not a good thing, but it happens, perhaps you should give your boss a break, you have no idea what he is going through at home or why he continues to stay, sure you may think you know, but we never truly know unless we are in that position in our life. Let him be, he is a grown man and will figure it out, any contribution from you regarding this personal life with only complicate matters.
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