Helping our children brush their teeth what age should we stop hel

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April 3, 2007 1:00pm CST
I have 4 children, all boys, ages 10, 8, 7, and 2. I am a very hygiene and health conscience person, and I really want my kids to have healthy teeth. I brush all of their teeth for them before they go to bed. I do allow my 3 older boys to do it themselves in the morning, since I know that I scrubbed all of the food off their teeth the night before. My children's dentist says that my oldest son should be able to brush his teeth properly on his own, but I am having a hard time letting him do it himself. What age do you think is appropriate to let children handle their own dental hygiene?
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3 Apr 07
I have always let my children do this themselves . I never thought about them not doing it properly themselves . I will brush my one year old's teeth but she also loves to go around with the toothbrush herself and I allow her to do this throughout the day . My three year old brushes her teeth on her own . When she wants help I do help her out but she does this so often thoughout the day the same as my one year old so I guess I just assumed they were doing a good job , now that you have brought this up , I will have to check with the dentist to find out if I should be helping them out more . I guess I always figured that by them doing it themselves that this would be the best way for them to learn and that because they younger one's are forever going around with their toothbrushes that they would be sure to be doing a good job as they would have to be getting something as they have a toothbrush in their mouth at different times thoughout the day .:)
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6 Apr 07
My youngest son walks around with a toothbrush in his mouth too! It must be a toddler thing. I think that my 3 older kids are capable of doing a "pretty" good job brushing their teeth. I am just worried that they will miss the areas that are hard to get at. My kids are always in a rush to finish brushing, and it takes time to do it properly. Anyways, thanks for your response!
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7 Apr 07
That's so great you're brushing your kids teeth for them! That's so important for kids to learn early on the proper way to brush. My dad's a dentist, and I remember when he'd brush my teeth when I was little... it was like having a vibrating toothbrush... so fun! There's a website online that states that the best age to let a child brush on their on is when s/he can write his/her name neatly. So about age 6, 7, or 8.