Caring For Someone, how do you cope

New Zealand
April 3, 2007 5:21pm CST
One discussion here prompted me to start this discussion. I have had to care for two members of my family while they both went through traumatic and life threatening situations. At times I have wanted to scream, through shear frustration and sometimes guilt. Guilt of feeling helpless. Not being able to make people whom I love "get better". So, I started to look at it things in a different light, I was blessed to be given this chance to care for two people who I loved very much. Even though you see them go through so much pain, it's a blessing that I could be there to help ease and care for them. Each day I had to think of it as a joy, not that they were sick, but the joy that I got to spend time helping, caring and loving someone through something that they were not able to do for themselves. How would you, or do you cope, or have you ever had to do it?
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@redfang (969)
3 Apr 07
A very good topic i havn't seen this brought up before but it maybe has been. I myself am a carer for my 8 year old step son, he is severly disabled he can't walk or talk every morning i get up around 7am come down make his breakfast make sure all his meds are in there then when he has finished i get him washed and ready for school or dressed if he is not at school. He relies on me and his mum to do everything for him, he is not the size of an 8 year old more a 4-5 year old. The hardest thing for me is when he is crying or upset because he can't talk he can't tell us what is wrong if he is feeling sick or ill or if something hurts and it's very upsetting to see. For me the possibility that he may be able to talk or think in his mind but just not be able to say it vocally is the hardest thing to think about and i do that as little as possible, i make sure i am always there when he needs me and there is nothing i would not do for him no matter how hysically or mentally draining it may be i will not stop until my mind and body will not work no more.
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• New Zealand
3 Apr 07
thank you for sharing that, there have been a couple of discussions here that promted me to write this one, one of them was "if you could honour just one person who would it be" I said my children, truth is I could not just choose one, for me its not possible. People like you who are courageous and love unconditionally are the people who I would honour. It truly is a very unselfish act of love that you do.