Should government enforce a mandatory retirement age?

April 3, 2007 6:13pm CST
There is no medical evidence to confirm that person's over the age of 65 are either infirm or incapable. In the professions such as law and medicine where this law would take effect, there are safeguards to identify malpractice or incompetence, and these are far better dealt with an individual basis according to individual health and fitness, rather than punishing those healthy capable individuals who wish to work beyond this age. Each job is entirely independent - with different requirements, skills, wages and responsibilities. Certain professions require a heavy commitment and a long promotion schedule, and the working conditions and practices are not compared to other jobs. This argument is oversimplified there is no necessity for equality in retirement age. It is not the jurisdiction of the state to decide what is best for an individual. If a person wishes to continue working, and is considered fit it is overprotective and insulting to prevent the person from doing so.
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