flat chested or full bust?

April 4, 2007 12:18am CST
if your a girl, would you rather have a humble front or a proud bust? for guys, what would you prefer in a girl, flat chested or full bust?
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• Philippines
4 Apr 07
i would rather have a humble front. Infact, i already have a humble front and I am contented with that. Well, i know that most guys prefer a proud bust because it is more eye-catching, arousing, sexy, or whatever but it is easier and comfortable to move having a humble front. Plus, it helps you avoid foul reactions from strangers. And from hearing how some of my proud-busted friends have a hard time keeping up with their busts, moving with it, doing exercise or jumping, and finding shirts to fit them.. I would really prefer a humble front.
• India
4 Apr 07
i would prefer a humble bust but i have a proud front. being a middle-aged woman, i distinctly remember the discomfiture i had to undergo while i was in my teens. figure-hugging T-shirts and dresses were a distinct no-no. i was envious of all my class-mates who had humble fronts and could wear figure-hugging clothes with ease. even when i did muster up enough courage to wear such dresses or even when i was accompanied by an elder, i used to hate the way boys & men gaped at me! and believe me the situation with young girls has still not changed today. i see the same ogling they are subjected to, whenever some heavy-chested girl walks the road in tight-fitting clothes.
@angela2006 (1846)
• China
4 Apr 07
flat chested or full bust?I think it should match with one's hight and weight,then one can looks beautiful or pretty.and what is more,you can not choose it except you have an operation .