Microsoft vs Apple

April 4, 2007 1:20am CST
While we know that Microsoft did steal Apple MacOS' feature, now Apple is ready to launch its new OS called Leopard. See here for the features, and let me hear what your opinion.'s-feature.html
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• United States
7 Apr 07
OSX is better than any version of windows and i am a long time windows user, i've been using OSX for less than four months and it's a million times more stable and easier to use.
• Indonesia
7 Apr 07
Thanks God, finally someone admit that OSX is better than Windows. I wonder why big company like Microsoft can copy OSX interface but they can't make it as stable as OSX ? even this 5 years old Windows XP still has bugs...
@seanyD (21)
• United States
7 Apr 07
They haven't copied the interface or OS. They may have created some applications which are similar to Mac OS X, but they are still both built with completely different operating systems. You still cannot run mac on a PC and PC apps have to use an emulator to operate on a mac.
• Indonesia
8 Apr 07
Can't you see if that is a copycat ? No matter in what OS but they really copied it straight. Maybe if Windows not using the same "rounded box with zoom lens" they won't say it as a copy, or they have more features in Windows Photo than iPhoto has. But no, they max their changes based on OSX. If you see in my other discussion about OSX leopard that soon will be released, you will see in video that Apple can do more with their OS but not Windows.
• United States
29 Jul 07
I'm a Microsoft guy that wants to switch to Apple. If I have an Apple I can still use Windows XP and all it's programs through Parallels. So with a Mac I can have the best of Windows and Mac. The problem is that Apple products are too expensive.
@morph3us (823)
• Italy
5 Apr 07
hei neo, take a look at the new monster of cupertino ;) i made a post about it, 8 core of power O_O!!!
@terryboy (40)
• India
4 Apr 07
the new WOW vista is a total disaster it uses a lot of power and memory and itz nothing like the old operating system...itz more bulky and takes a lot of time to start up most of the games hang even with 1gb of ram on a dual core with 526mb graphic is only getting sick and bulky just like the norton AV sure more people will realize that microsoft is not worth buying or downloading and will but apple hardware in future! long live apple!!! apple rulzz!!!!