Do you ever dream 'night vision' like this?

April 4, 2007 2:34am CST
Do you ever dream like this? 01 April 2007 - by: Mike Daly - A RED DRAGON "I've seen in a night vision, I saw a dragon, his tail wrapped arround the earth. he was hanging down, the background was black. All I could see is an outline of his skin, it was fiery red. His face kind of looked like a lion. We were down by his mouth. His mouth was wide open. There was no fire coming out of his mouth. But in my mind I kept hearing the word devour. I keep thinking and asking Lord and I keep hearing something like disguising, he will fool even the very elect. This is scares me, there must be a reason." Do you guess, who is this RED DRAGON? it's scares me too :(
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