our dog is missing

@desireeo (595)
April 4, 2007 3:18am CST
our dog, ethan, has been missing a few weeks ago. we don't know where he's gone to or what has happened to him. he just stopped coming home one day. if he had not been ran over by a car then somebody butchered him. i know it's illegal but it's very prevalent in our neighborhood. unlike in the city, the authorities don't care much about animal rights here. we know the people who do these things cuz they're our neighbors but we dion't have any evidence to prosecute them. my friend said maybe ethan had gone astray and that somebody is keeping him. i hope so cuz i'm sure whoever is keeping him will keep him well, otherwise he would not pick him up. we really miss him cuz he was a very good dog. he had been with us for years now and we really treated him as family. if he had been butchered then i hope those who had done the act will pay for it in the form of karma you know. if somebody's keeping him then God bless his soul. if he died from accident then God reat his soul.
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