First Men

April 4, 2007 4:38am CST
1. All men are extremely busy. 2. Althrough they are so busy, they still have time for women. 3. Althrough they have time for women, they don't really care fot them. 4. Althrough they don't really care for them. They always have one around. 5.Although they always have one around them, they always try their luck with other. 6.Although they try their lunk with others,they get really pissed offif the women leaves them. 7. Although the women leaves them they stikk don't learn from their mistakes and still tru their lunk withothers.
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@alen0224 (528)
• China
4 Apr 07
At the old folks home One day at the rest home, an old man and woman are talking. Out of nowhere the woman says," I can guess your age." The man doesn'e believe her, but tells her to go ahead to try. " Put down your pants," she says. He doesn't understand but does it anyway. She inspects his rear end for a few minutes and then says," You're 84 years old."