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April 4, 2007 6:03am CST
my mum has three dogs, an American Bulldog a West highland White and a Yorkshire terrier and they are always barking the naighbours have started complaining. How can we stop them from barking all the time? We have heard of these anti-bark collars but do they actually work? What would you do? Please any tips and advice will be greatly appreciated.
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6 Apr 07
Sometimes the collars work, sometimes they don't. There's no way to know without trying it. A better solution is to find out WHY the dogs are barking so much! Are they left outside all the time? Dogs should never live outside all the time and is a major cause of nuisance barking. Most commonly they may bark out of boredom (give them lots of toys, rotate them so they don't get bored with them, play with them lots, and make sure they get enough exercise), "talking" to other dogs they hear (which they will more often outside), an excess of energy (exercise em more), or to warn others off their territory (and the yard is seen as their territory if they are outside all the time). Find the reason why, correct that, and the barking will improve.
7 Apr 07
All three dogs are in door dogs and get plenty of exercise. The yorkshire terrier has gone blind which is part of his reason for barking.
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8 Apr 07
Ahh well if the yorkie is starting it usually the other dogs might just join in so maybe you need to work on the yorkie first! If it's because he's going blind he might feel defensive since he can't see what's going on around him as well or be calling for the others so he has a "mental map" of where they're at. Maybe try doing some confidence building exercises with him away from the others to help him learn to cope with this growing disability.
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16 Apr 07
My Gissi  - This is my little Fellow
I have a little Dog and he barks only when he hears something I have also heard of these Anti Bark Collors and have been told that they do work The other thing that I saw on the TV is that you get a little bit of Water in a cup and when they bark you go up to them and make sure they see the Cup you tell them no 2 times and if they don't stop you throw the Water in their Face and you need to do that every time they bark, but please be careful you do not get it in their Ears and it is not to be a lot of water just a tiny Bit
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8 Apr 07
I would say ..bring them in for the night time..and let them out during the day..I think during the day there is more leniency for the dogs barking;)+ Happy Easer!