Is mylot pyschic?

April 4, 2007 6:56am CST
The ads on the top of the mylot page are always on things that i actually wanna buy :p its put up two of my favourite bands ad for their albums up there in the space of two mins :P its just interesting is all :P
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@Darkwing (21588)
4 Apr 07
Ha ha ha... no, they're not psychic Jay. They take details about where you live from your profile, and the interests you list, and feed you the relevant e-bay listings tailored to your interests and location. I had a very spooky feeling when I saw your discussion. You have the same name as my grandson, and I had to check your profile, but no... you live in Australia and he is in England. A coincidence though! Brightest Blessings.
• Australia
4 Apr 07
Ahh thanks for that you guys! I thought something like that but i thought id get people to confirm my thought and i thought it a more interesting discussion title :P Btw (offtopic)darkwing, Our first and last names are exactly the same? creepy :P