what is the rely to the question "who are you"?

April 4, 2007 7:35am CST
my friend recently met with an accident and was severely injured.he was in a bike and on a turning point he met an accident with a four wheeler and the impact of accident was so much that the bike was found thirty feet from the accident place,so he was hospitalized in an emergency case in ICU of the hospital.he opened his eyes after three days and it was really shocking when her mother said "how are you feeling son.?" he replied "Who are you"? what would be your condition here..?i cried out seeing this.even the doctor was having tears in his eyes.
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• India
5 Apr 07
who are u (such a terrible sentence u got to discuss ok.) if i would have been his mother i would have realy fainted then and there for more then the time his son was in icu. how rude it would have been to find his son lose his memory. though i am not a mother u can understand what would have been if some one close to u suddenly fail to recognise u. am i speaking too much ok when i was small i had jaundice that time i was not able to recognise my father. how he would have felt i dont know exactly