What's the best way to educate children: public, private or home school?

United States
April 4, 2007 8:12am CST
There are positives and negatives to each of the three main options parents have for educating their children. Public schools are open to all students and are publicly financed, ensuring that all can receive a fairly comprehensive basic education, at least through high school. Private schools can choose whom they will admit, contributing to their reputation for higher academic standards. However, they are often costly and some academically qualified students are priced out of the market. Home schooling has been controversial, but with the passage of time, they've been shown more and more to be an effective method for educating children. Associations of homeschoolers help to ensure that the social opportunities enjoyed by children in the more traditional schools aren't missed by those being homeschooled. There are all sorts of opinions out there on the best way to educate our children. What's yours?
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@joanna08 (394)
• Philippines
4 Apr 07
I came from a EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE CATHOLIC SCHOOL ever since I was a child until high school and it does have many effects. For one, when a child enters a PUBLIC SCHOOL, I think he/she is pretty much susceptible to more influences. Public school doesn't really focus on value formation since they are focusing on just educating the students. Well, that is just an insight on the matter. Im not bias since I came from private school. Private sCHOOLS even though they are expensive, does give quality education, value formation, vision and mission for students. A thorough focus on student life as well as studies, recreation and sports. It's much more strict when it comes to discipline which teenagers need nowadays. Same on home schooling, although it will deprive the child to experience field trips, prom and any of that sort. It will defeat the purpose of experiencing normal childhood. How will they learn how to make friends, fail, succeed, first love, play sports, have weird teachers, best friends, mormal physics, frog dissection and many many more. :))
@gbaben (509)
• Russian Federation
4 Apr 07
I will take hold to private schooling.Because you paid for a service and they have to do it for you at the best.What am saying is that it is good to allow somebody cut your grass for you.Home learning dosn't allow kid to have change of enviroment,which may result in low self esteem.While public school are handle by those that are not concern about your children progress but there own salary.You can measure the work of private school and if they perform below what you expected you withdraw your kid.
@mememama (3077)
• United States
4 Apr 07
When my son is school age (he's a toddler), I'll look at what options I have. If there is a great public school nearby, I'd take advantage of that. I might homeschool, but I want more kids and I don't know if I can juggle it all since my hubby works away more than half of the year. I haven't really thought of private school before, in my hometown they just had it for Catholics, but I'm not sure what they have where I live. Sadly, we don't have much money so I'd probably homeschool if the public school sucks, instead of sending him to private school. I think it just depends on the family and their region.