why are the infants medicines are flavoured?

new born baby - sleeping new born baby.he is only 6 days old.
United States
April 4, 2007 9:11am CST
why are the infants medicines are come in flavoured like grapes,stawberry, because the new born baby does not know the other tastes except for the mother's milk or formula.So why are the infants drop comes in different flavoured? Have you guys any idea?
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• Canada
4 Apr 07
I would assumes the reason for this is that most children like the flavor of this type of thing and they make this for toddlers who are used to these flavors making it easier for parents to get there children to take medicine when they are sick . They try to make a flavor that the majority of children will take with little effort for us to try and encourage them to swallow something when the children don't feel like eating or drinking anything . This comes across as a treat to them and even for infants , it has the taste that would still be sweet and make them more eager to try it even if it is something new to them .
• United States
4 Apr 07
thanks for the response.actually my sister's baby is not taking formula after taking the medicines for colic. so i think the formula should come in differents flavours lol. now these days not only kids but the infants are also very smart.lol.
@qouniq (1968)
• Malaysia
4 Apr 07
this is to attract them to take the medicines as if the original taste of the medicines given to them, they will refuse to take them. This is like a strategy to avoid the infants to be afraid of the medicines. This is because most of the infants like a sweet things goes through their tongue.