Get Cheap Advertising with DotAds and WordAds

United States
April 4, 2007 10:37am CST
I found two sites that have cheap advertising if you are interested in advertising your site and anything else. You can put ads for your site, or for affiliate links, on these two sites so you can make more money. The price for these ads is very cheap. DotAds: There are 4 sections that vary in price with DotAds. The prices are very cheap if you are considering advertising with them. 1. Permanent Part is $25 per 10x10 pixel box. The ads you place here will run for life, and will be the first ads that everyone sees. 2. Top Part is $10 per 10x10 pixel box. These ads run for 2 years at a time and will promote a lot of traffic to your site. 3. Middle Part is $5 per 10x10 pixel box. These are pretty cheap ads which will run for 1 year and then you have the option to renew your ad. 4. Bottom Part is $3 per 10x10 pixel box. These are the cheapest ads available on this site; they run for 6 months and then you can renew your ad or let it go. WordAds: WordAds provides words that you can buy to promote anything you would like. Each word is $10 and lasts for 6 months. This is very cheap advertising that will bring your site a lot of traffic and will promote any affiliate links you want. These sites are pretty new, but I can expect there to be a lot of traffic to these sites soon. They are very easy to remember and should bring a lot of traffic to your site(s). I will be advertising on these sites. I hope that if you are interested you will purchase these cheap ads to help promote your site. -Adam (This Domain and Website For Sale)
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