the person who betrayed you...

@joanna08 (394)
April 4, 2007 11:56am CST
Can you remember a person that betrayed you in the past or just recently. What did you do? and What did that person do to you that ruins your trust. I've never felt betrayed by anyone before. But one friend told me that life is hard. I'll meet people who'll betray me in so many ways possible to get what they want. do you believe this?
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@lightningMD (5932)
• United States
4 Apr 07
i have been betrayed twice before,first by my ex husband...who forgot whose bed he was supposed to sleep in at night..second by the person who was supposed to be my best friend...she chose to believe a story about me from a person she had professed to not even liking without even asking me if the story was true or getting myside...this person was my best friend for 20 years before this betrayal....
• Canada
4 Apr 07
One of my exboyfriends. At the time they were my boyfriend and we had moved in together. Everything was good. And then his friend decided to move in. And my boyfriend at the time decided to kick me out and take my name off the lease to let his friend in. I had no where to go and they didn't even let me stay there till I could find a place! They even took all the money I had saved up! I was absolutely furious. After a couple days of trying to find a new place I finally just called my mom and had her fly me to her place. I started over where she lived and I haven't been happier! Hehe.
• Canada
4 Apr 07
I was just betrayed by who I had considered a good friend before Christmas when she stole from me , lied to me and started spreading vicious gossip about me because she was going to throw out a child that was living with her because she just wanted to , she was stealing from this child and was using her and I didn't agree with this , so I told the child she could stay with us . I no longer speak to her and since this was the second time I trusted her and she pulled the same stunt , I will never let her in my life again . I always feel that people can change but she never did , if anything she is even worse then she used to be from getting away with so many things and now people are scared to challenge her but the child and I let her know that we were not scared of her and went after her for some of the money she had stollen by reporting her for what she did . We were able to get back very little but we sent our message across that we would no longer be taken in by her ways and would not tolerate her stealing and lying about us anymore .