buddhist tales in ancient china

April 4, 2007 12:06pm CST
celestial phenomena: omens of great buddhist events on the 8th of the 4th year of Emperor Zhao in Zhou Dynasty,all the rivers and waters rose at once and even the water in wells overflowed.At the sa,but after a thousand yearame time, earthquake happened and a myriad of sunrays were seen in the west sky.Su You,the loyal historian,said,"an abnormal celestial phenomenon like this might have predicted the birth of a sage in the west." Emperor zhao asked:"what influence will it have on the world people?" Su You answered:"no influence for the time being,but after a thound years,his doctrines will be propagated here." therefore,Emperor Zhao order to record the event in a stone inscription and bury the stone in front of Heavenly Temple in the Southern suburb. the date coincided with the birth of Sakyamuni the Buddha.At the dawn of the 15th of the 2ed month of the 53rd year of Emperor Mu in Zhou Dynasy, a sudden storm came, which broke many trees and damaged many houses. with earthake and dark clous, twelve bright rainbows were seen in the west sky. Hu Duo,the loyal historian,said:"it must be caused by the 4th month of the 7th year of King Zhuang of Lu State during spring and Autumn Period, there was one starless night,which appeared to be as bright as daytime. the brightness signified the returning of Buddha of Wisdom,who had just advised the five hundered immortal beings in the snow mountain.
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