choosing the best school for your kids

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@paulsy (1264)
April 4, 2007 12:39pm CST
how do you choose the schools where you would like to send your children to? When my eldest daughter was about to start schooling, the first thing i had in mind was to send her to a school that I could really, really trust. the only school i had in mind was the same school i went to all throughout my grade school and high school years. I trusted (and still do) the school so much because i was already aware of how the school was being run by the nuns at that time. the vision, the values and the teachings were all very important factors to me. I was a working mother, and so it was also very necessary for me to make sure that i could completely rely on the teachers to take good care of my daughter even while i was working. My daughter has just ended her sophomore year. In two years, she will be graduating, and to this very moment, i have not had a single regret of sending her to what I consider one of the best schools in this country, my own alma mater. what are the best schools in your country?
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