How trustworthy are your forums that pay?

April 4, 2007 12:57pm CST
I'm a member of different kinds of paid-to-post forums and can say that i've seen it all. Payments, non-payments, held payments...etc. Now, what really concerns me are the reasons. The reason that really bugged me is a statement from one forum that states, payments are upto the owners discretion, stating further that it shouldn't be about the money, it's the joy of participating in the forums. Call me hypocrite if you want but, don't they advertise "Get Paid to Post" in the first place? Doesn't that what attracts people to become members? Because if they would tell us that BS, I'd rather go to forums that won't pay me but have way lot better topics. Another reason that annoys me are they are witholding payments because of members who took advantage and post nonsense ideas & topics. Well this is just funny. I wonder what their mods are doing there then? So everyone goodluck to the forums you participate in and make sure you read updated announcements because they will surely guide you through.
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