Can you predict the weather?

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@Zalvor (728)
April 4, 2007 1:52pm CST
One of the recent changes after the update on, is the addition of the weather sortie, which informs you of the weather in your area, and I find myself checking it quite a bit often. I find it to be more or less accurate, albeit sometimes misleading. People have been trying to forecast the weather since ancient times; according to internet's acclaimed encyclopedia "wikipedia" (, the Babylonians predicted the weather from cloud patterns as early as 650 BC, and Chinese weather prediction lore extends at least as far back as 300 BC. Weather forecasting even has its own place in informal folklore, known as Weather Lore. Here's a nice example : When the wind is blowing in the North No fisherman should set forth, When the wind is blowing in the East, 'Tis not fit for man nor beast, When the wind is blowing in the South It brings the food over the fish's mouth, When the wind is blowing in the West, That is when the fishing's best! So do you have your own weather lore? Some people feel the rain coming when they are stricken with pain due to rheumatism. Some feel it in the wind. And some only get it when they hear the booming sound of thunder! How about you? Can you predict the weather? Please share your experiences!
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• Northern Mariana Islands
11 Apr 07
Nah, I am not good at predicting the weather. Sometimes I thought the whole day will be sunny so I'd took out the cushions to have them sun-dried, but then later on, the weather will change and rain will fall. So now, I check the local weather forecast first through the news or internet so as not to be surprised by sudden weather changes.
• Singapore
5 Apr 07
No I am not the weather god so I cannot predict weather. Why would anyone believe these weather predictions anyway? The weather forecast is always there - e.g. after news too and on papers, but what's the use? They give so vague "predictions" and they turn out to be wrong half the time! :P