to all that posted to my topic on second marriages or first ones pls read

the pride - the feeling of a job well done
April 4, 2007 3:23pm CST
Wow I just don't know what to say I am overcome with the many of you have shared painful memories, happy memories, and touching tributes to passed loved ones.I really felt i connected to many of you through reading the post.It has been by far the best experience on mylot by far for me. I felt an immediate connection with so many of you like we had walked the same battle field and came out on the same victory beach..others had words of wisdom that i never expected it was amazing!!! so many people added to the topic it took on a life of its own..I did take the time to write each and everyone of you a comment because it was more than deserved and of course its was a+ ratings all the way..even the true stay single forever had opinions which was awesome..I'm so very proud of this and thank you because a little part of me was healed by all of you and there are no words to describe i will ever chose a best response i have no idea I think i will have to have poor John sit down and read with me tonight ..i wonder if mylot will let me give it to all of you lol??? thanks all Cheryl
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