What do you think about people from Canada?

@whywiki (6070)
April 4, 2007 4:45pm CST
I'm Canadian and I have these ideas of what people are like in different parts of the world. Most ideas I have aren't even true, I'm sure. I know what Americans are like as of course we border USA but people farther away from here. I'm sure people think things about Canada and it's people that are not true. Like we don't all live in igloos and eat seal meat. Some of my ideas about foreign nations are: Everyone in Africa is starving or dying of aids. All Australians are beer drinkers and really good looking. People in England can't cook. All Irishmen are drunks. I know all these things are wrong to think, but are just things you kind of think when you really don't think about it. So I am curious, if you have heard of Canada what do you think it is like?
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8 Apr 07
What a shame this only got one response even though it was a very good one. MyLot is a great place that this type of discussion is allowed without us being labelled as racist or something. My general opinion is 'wonderful this person is from Canada rather than America'. I know it is a vast country and some parts speak French mainly but I did not realise you even categorise your different parts (sounds rude!) I am English and am one of the ones that can't cook. I get my husband to do it if at all possible. I would like to live in Canada. We are going to try and visit when the children have left home.
11 Apr 07
Thank you very much for the 'best response'. I have only just found the section after reading another discussion so sorry that I am so late with my gratitude. I discussed moving to Canada with my husband but he says he will miss his friends. C'est la vie!
@PunkyMcPunk (1477)
• Canada
4 Apr 07
what part of Canada are you from? I'm from Ontario. We could even break this discussion up by province ya know? I mean I think people from BC are all tree huggin' hippies, people from Alberta are all either ski bums or cowboy oil workers, Saskachewan (or however you spell it) are ummm... all curlers. Manitoba... wow, not much to say because everyone tries to leave that place. Ontario, well we're perfect (heehee), Quebecers... think they are better than everyone else, stick their noses in the air, have to be chick and expensive looking, the Maritmiers are usually all thrown together as being a little backwoods, sorry sort of folks because of the crappy lack of industry in the Maritimes.... then there are all of the Inuit that live in the 3 territories.... See I just made a mass generalization of our own country. Where abouts do you live in Canada?
@whywiki (6070)
• Canada
5 Apr 07
I'm from British Columbia and we are tree hugging hippies on the island! We think people from Alberta are cowboys and hicks. Newfies are all happy and a bit stupid. Quebecers, well I shouldn't insult them all, but an overpass across Quebec would be nice...
• United States
11 Apr 07
Ive been to Toronto, Montreal and Kitchener and I can say that the people are very nice.