Bamboo's Rebel Song "TATSULOK"

Bamboo -
April 4, 2007 4:50pm CST
If you still remember Bamboo's hitsong that strucked the whole Philippines last 2006 was entitled "NOYPI" that made the band reached their new height in the local band industry and even received international awards thru MTV ASIA... Now, this Band truly R-O-C-K-S!With their new song "TATSULOK" or triangle in english symbolizes the Philippines current socio-political condition wherein the topmost level of the triangle is comprised by not more than 5% of the population (the Elite Class) and 80% or the lowermost level of the triangle is composed of the marginalized sectors in the Philippines - "magsasaka" or farmer, "mangingisda" or fisherman, among others. Tatsulok which is commonly sang by any activists group has the long term goal to invert the pyrimidical or triangular condition of the country. Bamboo is one with the oppressed and disheartened in their battle to stop extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. Since their first album, for example, the Band expressed disgust over U.S. Bush - IRAQ war through their song "Clay" and in the second, they condemned the preverse socio-political conditions through the song "Aplha, Beta, Omega". For more lively or shall I say "bloddy?" discussions on this topic, please feel free to post any violent/positive/kind-hearted reactions and I will be gladly to entertain your comments. (laughs) Regards and Mabuhay! -bien-
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