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April 4, 2007 8:45pm CST
i am an english teacher in chines middle school . here is an english multiple choice . : She is ______. A English B China C Chinese D Japanese . as i am a teacher . so i must tell the right answer by the grammar . so who can tell me the right answer . thanks .
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• Hong Kong
5 Apr 07
Should go like this: 1. She is English (adjective/ nationality) 2. She is from China (noun/ country, it doesn't describe the nationality) 3. She is Chinese (adjective/ nationality) 4. She is Japanese (adjective/ nationality) Hope it helps! For 1 & 4, if you want to say the countries, they would be as follows: 1. She is from Britain. 4. She is from Japan.
• United States
5 Apr 07
I thought I already answered this question, but I don't see my first answer here, so I will post it again. As the question is written the answer could be A,C,or D, the only wrong answer, grammatically, would be B. A. She is English B. She is FROM China (to be correct grammer) C. She is Chinese D. She is Japanese I hope this helps you.
@sinyem (85)
• Malaysia
5 Apr 07
She is an English She is an Indian She is an old woman She is an Ugandanese She is a Chinese She is a Japanese